Thomas Ludescher

Chief Director of the Concert Band of the “Bavarian Brass Band Academy 3BA”

ludescher 17.05

Thomas Ludescher was born in Feldkirch (Austria) and studied the trumpet, conducting, english music education and composing in Feldkirch, Vienna and Augsburg. He graduated in 1996 with a “Master of Arts”. In July 2003 Ludescher completed his diploma examination in “conducting a wind orchestra and instrumentation” at the University of Augsburg-Nürnberg. He participated in several master classes with Bernard Haitink, Pierre Boulez, Carlos Trikolidis, Liutauras Balciunas and Andreas Spörri (conducting) as well as Philippe Manoury, Ed de Boer, Johan de Meij and Alfred Reed (composing and instrumentation). He takes regular lessons with Andreas Spörri, an international conductor. In 2005, he won the first prize at the international conducting competition „PRIX CREDIT SUISSE“.

Ludescher teaches “conducting wind orchestras” at Vorarlberg and Tirol Academy of Music and at the Leopold Mozart-Centre of the University of Augsburg. As a conductor, Ludescher has worked with several project orchestras. Further to that he has acted as guest conductor, lecturer and juror on an international basis. He performed several concerts around the globe including China, Spain, Norway, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and many more.

He is conductor of many orchestras, the Symphonic Wind Orchestra Vorarlberg (SBV), the fanfare orchestra "West Austrian Wings", Bläserphilharmonie “Kons Tirol” and the National youth windorchestra of Austria, and the Brass Band 3BA from Bavaria.

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